Board Game Wall of Shame

If one thing is clear looking through /r/boardgames on Reddit, it is very easy to fall into the trap of aquiring games at a faster rate than they get played and its one that I have done so also. The games that a person owns but has not played is their “Wall of Shame” so I built this app as a way of quickly showing this using their Board Game Geek profile. This was built with Angular and a .NET Web API deployed on Azure with global replication and load balancing.


Front End Github Repo

API Github Repo

Board Game Wall of Shame

I’m Hangry

One problem my girlfriend and I always run into is trying to find somewhere to eat where we get to the point where we are “hangry” (hunger to the point of being angry about it). What I did find out is that it is an actual human response where a persons blood sugar levels drop so low to the point where their body thinks it is a life-threatening situation and they become angry. This app gets restaurants nearby to the user and tries to ascertain what type of food they want to eat from a series of yes/no questions. It has been built as a progressive web app in Angular 2, uses the Zomato API to get restaurant information and is deployed on AWS.

Github Repo



BGGCSharp is a .NET wrapper around the Board Game Geek API which I built to help develop the Board Game Wall of Shame. As a little experiment I also wanted to automate the deployment of the library to the Nuget package repository on commit through Travis CI. I have currently only implemented the API calls to finish the Wall of Shame but I hope to come back and complete the library at some point.

Github Repo


Project Osprey

This game I like to think of as Nuclear Throne meets competitive online multiplayer in an all out fight to the death. Players get thrown into a top down procedurally generated level and are tasked with finding weapons to kill the other players and be the last one standing. This is currently a work in progress built with Unity and Photon Networking.

Github Repo



Project Osprey


The Amazing Race

I built this mobile app as a way of celebrating a year together with my girlfriend using Ionic and Angular 2. The app was modelled on the Amazing Race TV show and featured 12 stages complete with Detours, Road Blocks and Route Info’s.

Github Repo

Amazing Race


The SityG Mega Station

The SityG Mega Station was named after my girlfriend and the 2 game consoles I played the most growing up; the Sega Mega Drive and the Playstation 1. It was a Raspberry Pi loaded up with Retropie and some of my favorite games with an accompanying book that told stories of my childhood experiences of these games.