I'm in for Global Game Jam 2018

January 22, 2018

So following on from the tradition of posting an “I’m In” when you are participating in Ludum Dare1, here is mine for Global Game Jam 2018.

global game jam

After years of not doing much game development and never actually having somewhat of a reasonably completed game in my portfolio, I have decided to commit to doing Global Game Jam this year.

I will be participating at an event here in Perth, Australia and I’m going with the intention of meeting people and forming a group at the event. Since my expertise has always been programming, I hope to meet some artists/designers/other programmers and work as part of a team to get something done in the 48 hours.

Where I have usually let myself down in previous game jams is through too much scope and pursuit of perfection as opposed to just good enough. I really hope to meet some more experienced game jammers who can help me stay grounded and focused on getting one idea or mechanic complete in as short a time as possible and then polish from there.

As for the tools I will be using:

Game Engine: Unity3D (C#)

Graphics: GIMP, Aseprite

Sound: Audacity, SFXR


while [ 1 ];do vardate=$(date +%d\-%m\-%Y\_%H.%M.%S); screencapture -t jpg -x ~/Desktop/Timelapse/$vardate.jpg; sleep 10; done

I also have one optional goal that I’ve set myself and that is to build a game that is playable on an arcade machine since I am currently in the process of building my own and I think it would be really awesome to be able to play a game I made on it.

Also been looking through the list of diversifiers, there are a couple that have caught my eye:

  • So Sociable - Build a game that uses a social network API
  • Upside down - One or more game systems programmed by an artist, major art assets produced by programmers/coders
  • Look back - Create a game which uses retro controllers of any type. No modern controllers! (which fits in with my personal goal)
  • Created by Warren Robinett - Your game contains some kind of hidden secret or Easter egg.

This week I have started getting back into working with Unity3D so I don’t go into it without any practice. I am very much looking forward to putting something together over the weekend, meeting some people and having fun.

1 So the whole tradition of “I’m In” posts came about because there was a bug feature in the Ludum Dare website where a user didn’t exist until they created a blog post, hence they got people to tell them that they plan on participating and what tools they intend to use. Ludum Dare FAQ