TeleBlast v0.15 Changes

May 16, 2019

This update marks the first major update during Early Access and has been designed to make the game look and feel better to play. I’ve included a lot of feedback from the playtest events that we have been a part of and rewritten a lot of the logic behind the game.


  • Added new Music and sound FX by (Aaran) Insole Games (check out @InsoleGames on Twitter)
  • Modified player colours. Here are the new colours with purple being added due to popular demand.

    New player colours


  • Fixed issue that occurred whenever you died mid-explosion; it would make your explosion full size before imploding rather than just imploding from the size it was at the time of death.
  • Fixed many issues around the scoreboard and scorekeeping. This should be more accurate and consistent now.


  • Added teleporter trails - dressed this up a bit.

  • Modified “Map Select” images to better reflect the maps themselves
  • Modified map design and effects

    Level 1 changes
    Level 2 changes


  • Added the outer circle - previously a round could take a while to end when players were stuck on opposite sides of a map or just weren’t doing anything attacking. I’ve added a circle that slowly reduces the amount of available space for players which is enabled from 20 seconds into a round or when there are only 2 players remaining.

  • Added 3 more maps - this takes the total number of maps up to 5 and adds dynamic elements to some of the maps.

    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
  • Removed player shields persisting from round to round - this is to ensure that a player further ahead on the scoreboard won’t keep their shield from one round to the next and makes it easier for other players to catch up.
  • Added maximum speed for teleporters - previously teleporters could move as fast as they wanted so when a teleporter hit an explosion, they would usually get an unfair speed boost.


  • Removed “Quick Play” button from main menu - this button served as a way to quickly get into game but it was seldom used and wasn’t really clear with what it did.
  • Added Nintendo Switch Joycon button icons - I’ve been testing the game using Switch Joycons so it made sense to add those button icons to the UI screens.

    Switch Joycon Buttons
  • Modified layout of Game Select screen - makes it clearer for the user what options they have.

    Game Select screen
  • Moved “Modifiers” to its own screen rather than being embedded in the game select screen.

    Modifiers screen changes

What is next?

  • Adding match intensity level which will be something that is detemined in the background and will affect the music, sound FX and graphical effects to increase the tension felt by players.
  • Adding the “King of the Hill” game mode.
  • Adding the option to play out a “practice round” to introduce new players to the game and allow them to get a feel for moving around before being competitive.

As always you can find out more about TeleBlast on our website ( and our community on Discord.