What Did I Play Monday (Jan 16 - Jan 22)

January 23, 2017

What I Play Monday is a weekly look at the games I got to the table and any good stories that came out of them.

So on Saturday I had a board game day and it was the first time I tried setting what games we are going to start with and set them up prior to people arriving. This came about because I was struggling to get lower player count games to the table so I wanted to set the expectation prior to the event. I set up both Inis and Mechs Vs Minions because a couple of people had already played MvM so it was easy enough to leave them to teach any new players while I taught Inis. So here are the games I played this week:

  • Inis (4p) - The first time anyone in our group had played this and it was really enjoyable. I find it the easiest of the “dudes-on-a-map” games to play but it doesn’t sacrifice any depth. The game ended rather spectacularly when my girlfriend managed to preside over 6 other clans in a single territory then cancelled the start of a battle using an Epic Tale card and then cancelled the Festival card with an Advantage card. Overall a very fun game and I can’t wait to play again and not lose both my clans in the first round.
  • Grifters (4p) - Another game we were only playing for the first time and again it turned out to be really good. The mechanic of using cards for their abilities or to complete jobs is really good and difficult to get right. It was hard to catch a player with 3 Veteran cards in their hand though because it allowed them to complete jobs with ease and use their other cards for their abilties. It is one I look forward to playing again.
  • Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu (4p) - I really enjoy Pandemic and I really love the Cthulhu theme they added to this game. It feels like it has gone from a “cube-pusher” to a highly thematic game with the addition of the Old One cards that occur whenever Evil Stirs or there is an “Outbreak”. We managed to get pretty lucky with the Old One cards and the only one that would have done some decent damage was cancelled by a Relic card. Everything was looking good until we realised we were running out of player cards and we ultimately came up one turn short. I can’t wait to get this one back to the table and try out the other player abilities and hopefully get a win.
  • 3x Secret Hitler (8p) - In one of the games all was looking good for the Libs, we had 4 of the 5 Liberal policies on the board with no Fascist policies in play. Smooth sailing right?! WRONG! Knowing most of the remaining policies in the deck would be Fascist we could be forgiven for not casting suspicion on a couple of Fascist policies being revealed. A Fascist player got the ability to investigate someone else, she investigated another Fascist and said they were a Liberal, of course everyone believed them. Another couple of rounds and a Liberal player managed to get the first kill power and confusion ensued. She asked the Liberal players who to kill and silence! Turns out a Liberal was killed and on the very next vote Hitler was elected Chancellor by a Liberal player. It was quite the turn around.
  • Mansions of Madness: 2nd Edition (5p) - We played the 2nd mission where we have to investigate the Marsh family and then escape Innisport. It was my 2nd time playing this mission and it was much easier with 5 people compared with 2. We made really quick progress throughout this mission because we were wary of taking too long but in the end 2 people ended up going insane and were delaying our escape. In the end 3 of us made an escape leaving the other 2 behind so it was mostly a success.
  • 2x King of New York (6p) - Became something quick and fun to finish the night off. The first game went very quickly since me and another player dealt 8 damage from Manhattan to everyone else. That same turn I was able to get enough energy to buy double damage and proceeded to do 10 damage in a single turn to everyone in Manhattan. However this put me right in the firing line with only 2 health and I died a turn later. The second game drew out a bit more and I tried to destroy as many buildings as possible and then use the military to damage everyone else but it wasn’t as effective.

Normally I would take photos of each of these games to put in this blog post and on my Instagram account but unfortunately my replacement phone is still on its way.

So until next week, play more games!